While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, (Point and Shoots/Cell phones and others), and almost anyone can get a Facebook page, people still need, want and require professional quality photographic and web services. Especially when they will be shown to an important audience, and when they want them to be seen in the best light.

JetteMedia meets the needs of individuals, organizations and their associate/families to capture the special moments, events and passions in their lives and presents them in the best light possible in print and online.

The opening of JetteMedia Inc. marks a change in the way professional photography and web services are delivered in our markets.

JetteMedia is a small business aimed at bringing a smile to every clients face when they see their stunning final product(s). Our goal of superior customer service and satisfaction takes dedication on the part of all staff members and vendor/contractors. The vision manifests itself in three ways:

Producing outstanding quality results every time.

Being recognized as a top photographic/web service provider in our markets.

Being steadfast to our commitment for customer service and satisfaction.

Our keys to success are providing high quality photo and web products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service as our hallmarks.

The company offers a wide variety of products, such as: formal and informal studio portraits, location and event photo sessions, specialty photographs, web site makeovers and development.
At JetteMedia, customer satisfaction is our primary business, not a sideline or afterthought. We understand how to get the right elements together for a successful outcome. We are patient, and our number-one goal is quality results.